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ChariotTech Rear Projection Film

Chariot Rear projection film - Create an amazing visual world

Chariot Tech Rear Projection Film is a high quality film primarily used for store window displays and high end video applications. This unique high resolution screen technology offers superior brightness, contrast and black levels even in high ambient light and daylight.

The width of film is 1.5m as default, and the length is available in a range of 1m- 30m. Custom shapes and sizes are also available and pieces can be simply joined to create large format displays. Chariot Tech rear projection film has a self adhesive layer (peel and stick) making it easy to apply to glass or plexiglas.Our rear projection film is also available as an interactive touch foil ideal for Digital Signage


There are five kinds of films we can offer to customer:


Chariot create an all-in-one rear projection solution for customer. Transparent/gray/dark gray film can make your glass to be an amazing screen easily. Just simply paste it on the backside of glass and the glass will show the attractive projection image.


TEST ITEM Unit Transparent Dark Gray Gray White Black
Thickness um 125 125 125 125 125
Film width mm 1524 1524 1524 1524 1524
Transmittance % 88 35 54 94 94
Gain1 - 0.55 1.2 1 1 1
View angle ¡ã 150 175 175 175 175
Contrast - 350:1 1500:1 1500:1 1500:1 1500:1
Adhesive - Windows or Acrylic Windows or Acrylic Windows or Acrylic
Windows or Acrylic
Windows or Acrylic

How to choose different rear projection film?

Transparent: Normally, transparent rear projection film can have a good effect in dark environment. It is transparent, so people can see things through the film. Also it will have a holographic image. But if the indoor light is too strong, the projection image can not been seen clearly.

Gray: Gray film can be used both in dark and light environment. And in both environment can achieve a good image. But people can not see things through the film.

Dark gray: Dark gray film has a high contrast then gray one. So it can be used on the strong light environment. Also people can not see things through the film.

Projection image in different environment

In dark environment

 Transparent                  Gray                       Dark gray

In light environment

                                                     Transparent                    Gray               Dark gray                                                      


Advertising display:

Showroom display:

Museum display:

Shopping Mall display:

Testimonials from our clients

¡°The transparent film makes my booth special. The amazing effect attract a lot of people¡¯s attention. It is good for display¡± ------Rajeesh from India

¡°It has been a good experience working with Chariot Tech. They help us make a successful presentention. And we are looking forward to a continued relationship in 2014¡±------Sarra Malaysia

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