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Chariot 2017 3D Hologram fan Displays in air


Chariot Tech 3d holographic fan is the newest and best advertising display for shopping mall, cloth store, restaurant, museum and any other display area. Just simply copy any black background video into it, it will bring a vivid 3d advertising display in the air.

Lamp : RGB0805LEDlight
Life of LED : 100,000 hours
LED quantity : 224 pcs
Display Diameter : 420 mm
Resolution : 450*224
Viewing Angle : 150¡ã
Input Voltage : AC 110-240v,50/60hz
Power : 10W-15W
TF /SD Card :4G

Software : onverting any black background

video/image into LED format video/image

Display Support Format : mp4,avi,rmvk,gif,jpg,png with blackgroud.
Shell Material : ABS+PC+Hardware
LED Number : 224
Product Size : 420*130*110 mm
Work environment : indoor£¬non-waterproof

Step 1 : Mark three circles (diameter 8 mm) on the installation area according to following structure.

Step 2 : Install ¡°Fix base¡± onto the position of above three circles by setscrews.

Step 3 : Fix LED fan with the Fixed Base by screws. And connect machine to the electricity supply. It will display video/image automatically.

¡ñ Support normal fomat of video,GIF and image display.

¡ñ Applied for indoor environment.If used outdoor,a protect cover is needed for the LED fan.
¡ñ Suggested height:more than 3.5m high,otherwise please use protect cover.
¡ñ Edit sofeware support the customization of video and image.
¡ñ Edit sofeware can be used for windows XP¡¢7¡¢8¡¢10.

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